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A Message from Our Founder

Aristo VojdaniWelcome to Immunosciences Lab (ISL) and to our new website. A lot has happened since ISL's inception in 1989. To our old friends, we've moved to a new location and have a new, leaner, tighter menu of tests. This allows us to focus our efforts and energies to make our assays among the best and most sensitive in the field. What hasn't changed is our commitment to service, excellence, and improving the quality of diagnostic methodology through ground-breaking clinical immunology.

Immunoscience Lab’s foundation menu includes vital markers for

Autoimmunity         • Lyme Disease        • Viral Infection

Tailored autoimmune assessments include: the Autoimmune Profile (Basic), the Autoimmune Profile (Comprehensive), and the Autoimmune Liver Disease Panel.

Viruses, in particular, HHV-6, are some of the major contributing factors in autoimmunity, thus, the addition of HHV-6 IgG and IgM to EBV, CMV, HSV, VZV and Measles makes ISL’s viral assessments unique.

Borrelia burgdorferi, the infectious agent of Lyme disease, is another known factor associated with autoimmune diseases such as Lyme arthritis and neuroborreliosis. ISL’s patented Lyme Panel A and Panel B, the most sensitive assessment for Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, is once again available for your clinical practice.
The simultaneous detection of biomarkers of autoimmunity along with viral or Borrelia antibodies may assist the practitioner in pinpointing the cause and effect relationship of a disease, which can help to design an effective treatment.

For additional information about our test menu, or to order specimen collection materials for your office, contact our Client Services Team at (310) 657-1077, or click on the links in the sidebar to the left.


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