Comparison of a Broad Spectrum Anti-Aging Nutritional Supplement with and without the Addition of a DNA Repair Enhancing Cat’s Claw Extract

Dietary supplements, designed to fortify the antioxidant status of human metabolism, are in-tended to provide nutritional support against the aging process. The strategy is based on the observation that environmental and metabolic sources of oxidatively generated free radicals damage key macromolecules, such as DNA, that in turn alter physiologic processes, and in turn may contribute to aging and age-related diseases such as cancer, as well as cardiovascu-lar and immunologic disorders. This study investigates whether a commercially available, broad spectrum anti-oxidant formulation containing 12 vitamins, 8 minerals, 2 agents to pro-vide “blood sugar/insulin support,” 3 botanical antioxidants, one methylating factor, two “fat metabolizers,” an “absorption enhancer,” a “brain enhancer,” a “whole food” ingredient, 2 “cellular energizers,” a nucleotide precursor, 2 amino acids, a fatty acid complex, a “probiotic complex,” and a digestive enzyme (formula one) could be improved through inclusion of an ingredient that enhances DNA repair (C-Med-100). The two formulations were compared us-ing four intermediate endpoint biomarkers: 8-OH guanine DNA adducts, serum thiols, and Interleukins 1a and 1. Whereas both were shown to be effective at reducing DNA damage, the second, more inclusive formulation appeared to be more effective.

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