Point-counterpoint: the immune system in cancer

Cancer patients face immune system challenges pri-marily in 2 areas: (1) fighting malignancies throughimmune mechanisms and (2) confronting theimmune-suppressive effects of the disease and treat-ments. In this Point-Counterpoint, we explore thepotential role of the immune system with practitionersand researchers active in the area of integrative andalternative cancer treatment: D. Barry Boyd, MD, amedical oncologist who uses integrative approaches inhis practice; Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, a physician inprivate practice who uses an alternative medicineintervention for cancer patients based on the work ofDr. William Kelley; and Aristo Vojdani, PhD, ofImmunosciences Lab Inc., a diagnostic and researchfacility that specializes in innovative microbiology andimmunology laboratory testing. Drs. Gonzalez andVojdani were interviewed by telephone for this article,whereas Dr. Boyd submitted written responses to ourquestions.

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