The Role of Chemical Triggers in Autoimmunity by Aristo Vojdani PhD

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen if you look right over here what is written there breakspear since 1982 and i know dr. Monroe since 1985 so probably three years after that I think Alistair was almost a teenager or baby when I met dr. Monroe so we are all were part of American Academy Environmental Medicine which put so much emphasis on the role of environmental factors if I’ll ask you one question what was the take-home message from dr. Mohammed presentation was just one word I think the trigger environmental trigger that was really the home take a message so I’m going to continue talking about the environmental triggers but not about the infection another environmental triggers which is chemicals toxic chemicals you see the rubber duck right okay so what is the role of environmental chemicals in autoimmune diseases so again thank you very much for your presentation and you made my life much much easier but what is the autoimmunity which is a process by which the immune system reacts against itself but that you know that’s unusual our immune system is made to react against foreign material not against our own tissue and so therefore then we have to ask why if the immune system attacking our own tissue why always the answer will be something from the environment managed to get to our body bind to our tissue or due to some of the mechanisms explained earlier cross-reactivity mimicry.

Then our immune system is trying to attack that and then in the process is attacking our own tissue which is highly abnormal so this is one of the most important slides if you know in the future because this by itself could be just one hour presentation I’m going to spend probably 30 seconds or one minute to explain this that I’m coming from the 10th international congress of autoimmune disease which was last week in leipzig in germany 600 different presentations but unfortunately only about 20 of them were dealing with the role of environmental trigger so you see this proportion of you know of the number of presentation but at least we are thankful we had the opportunity to present about the role of environmental triggers in autoimmune diseases the meeting was organized by professor joint fell from Israel and who is the leader about the mosaic of autoimmunity the mosaic of autoimmunity why he calls that the mosaic about immunity in here you can see all the components have involved all different components involved in the induction of our immunities so in the base we have the gene right there the genes yes we understand the genes are involved in the induction of autoimmune disease but jeans by themselves are not responsible for induction of all immune diseases.

Something from the environment so therefore could be vaccines right here hormonal factors mentioned earlier some people may have IgA deficiency adjuvant silicone some kind of oils and then finally in here you see all the infectious agents EBV CMV herpes one or peace to all of that so that was covered very well by dr. Muhammad now then second one right here there are two lines right there you see from drugs plastic material heavy metals aluminum pesticides and name it so that’s the second this is the first factor second environmental triggers and the third one everybody is talking about gluten but there are many other food antigens can trigger an immune disease and so casein lectins agglutinins aquaporins now we have evidence from literature that there are many other food antigens can induce autoimmunity and so finally because all of these together causing these bios’s leaky gut leaky gut is becoming part of the autoimmune disease development and then finally you see nutritional deficiency vitamin A D vitamin A aryl hydrocarbon receptor there are some foods that containing that and so therefore if you see the air right here the a that stands for autumn unity so all these factors together playing enroll in the induction of autoimmune diseases so many autoimmune diseases was mentioned earlier again many years of suffering many years of or decades of suffering.

A new week we got several examples of that my own mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for many many years she suffered more than 45 years from rheumatoid arthritis and this is her hand from age 40 all the way to 87 she suffered from this disorder so autoimmune can attack every single part of our body the joint the brain the internal organs and the skin so every single part of our body could be the target of autoimmune disease and according to National Institutes of Health where they did twin studies they took identical twins when they looked at them if one will have arthritis for example what is the probability of the other one will have arthritis in relation to arthritis only ten percent in a case of type 1 diabetes they took twins if one had type 1 diabetes what was the probability the second one will have type 1 diabetes fifty percent not hundred percent so then they took ten percent plus fifty percent divided by two they came to conclusion that genes are playing a role in one third of the order immune diseases the other two-thirds are associated with environmental triggers so we have to pay attention more to environmental triggers now I’m sure also you know about this book the or immune epidemics let’s just read this part from dr. hookey from Johns Hopkins University and also his colleague Noelle rose which I met at the meeting that he is the father of autoimmunity thyroid autoimmunity nola rose so what they wrote in this book that it takes the human body thousands of years to adapt to new environmental stress mainly toxic chemicals.

Yet in a hundred years we have dumped so many toxic substances into our environment that our immune system is being asked to differentiate between our own body and unrecognizable invaders non-stop which our body much more likely to make a mistake than it was so meaning if we have more chemicals coming attacking your tissue your immune system is going to make a mistake so and then they say say a century ago there are just so many more opportunities to make mistakes and we have you know we are preaching about this for almost 30 40 years through the American Academy of Environmental Medicine the chemicals and other environmental triggers are major contributors of autoimmune diseases so what happened why the new system make mistakes because we have this mechanism these two mechanisms oral tolerance versus central tolerance in place another meaning the oral tolerance we have to tolerate food which is friendly to us and also from the bacteria we should not react to those and that’s through this mechanism called oral tolerance the second mechanism is central tolerance in our famous gland where lymphocytes migrate to get their education they migrate from bone marrow to the time as together education there they have a computer within they can differentiate between self versus non-self any white blood cells lymphocytes which have a receptor for not self they have to migrate to the blood and different tissues where they stay there and protect us against foreign material bacteria viruses and parasites but any lymphocytes who carry receptors for self they should get eliminated so if this process breaks down the result could be autoimmunity and chemicals can contribute significantly to that computer to make a mistake and so therefore environmental triggers can cause abnormality at the level of oral tolerance can cause abnormality at the level of central tolerance and there are very important type of cells involved in this mechanism of induction of Tolerance.

So that’s why I’m asking what are the most important cells in our body so Alistair what do you think what do you think what are the three most important cells in our body as a man will say sperm right so I’m just joking in here so here is it egg or sperm okay they are very important absolutely because without those will not be here right the next neurons absolutely we need the brain right and then finally the third one which is not how many of you are familiar with it’s called regular t cells to regulate the immune system so when tolerance is induced in our body these cells are playing a significant role in the induction of oral tolerance as well as in the induction of central tolerance that’s why I believe these are the three type of cells which are extremely extremely important in our body so this is a beautiful picture from science about a couple months ago they explained actually how does the immune system can tolerate the food that we eat every day a child is born and is building the immune system and during that process these are the TRX cells are going to be developed and those TRX cells can suppress immune reaction against food and can suppress also immune reaction against friendly bacteria and that’s how we live in harmony with the food that we eat every day and with the friendly bacteria.

So any breakdown in this process of immune tolerance can result in inflammation and autoimmunity so this is the full article mucosal immunology published in science 2016 a month ago dietary antigens limit mucosal immunity by inducing regulatory t-cells in a small intestine and one more time we explained that this is if this is regulatory t-cells which helping in induction of Tolerance but failure in or a tolerance and lymphocyte activation if you have too many cells get activated the result of that could be inflammation inflammatory disease and then we react against self antigens which we are not supposed to do it under normal conditions so this is the cell one more time I’m explaining wise because she excels the transcription factor called Fox p3 that’s why in order to remember I put the picture of a fox in here so there are now we learn up up to six months ago I thought there is only one type of regular regulatory t-cells now we know there are four types through this article there are four types of regulatory t-cells one is in thymus which is important that’s explained that there was a computer within this is the computer in our timers which suppress any immune reaction against self but should not suppress immune reaction against not self then these cells migrate to the peripheral blood so there are TRX cells in the blood that’s why we call them peripheral tier excels in the intestine small intestine we have one type of TRX cells in the column we have another type of TRX cells in order to regulate the immune system both in the gut and as well as in the large intestine so these are the type of cells that we should note we should know about that play such an important role in protecting us against inflammation and autoimmunity.

So right now so let’s take this back to the basics of jeans plus three environmental factors are responsible for induction of auto immunities so i would like to interject a little bit in here from what we heard from dr. muhammad earlier that and also what i heard at tenth international congress of our immunity just scientists doing right now so talking about the patient with rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid autoimmunity because lymphocytes who make antibodies are responsible for making these antibodies and antibodies can attack our tissue what they presented was let’s use some kind of molecules or medication to down regulate the immune system or to block receptors and b cells in order not to produce antibodies and that was the most advanced message that I heard from these autoimmune ologist seeeeee but ladies and gentlemen doctors like dr. Monroe and other doctors who are practicing in this field they teach us saying that if borrelia burgdorferi can cause rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis no matter how much you try to down regulate the b-cells not to produce antibodies unless you remove the trigger first identify the trigger then remove the trigger then even if you block the b-cells six months later you’ll be in the same place which use before so now your patients spend probably $10,000 $50,000 hundred thousand dollars in order to suppress the immune system or down regulate the immune system for prevention of autoimmune disease then you are not going to help your patient unless you remove the triggers so we are not against what autoimmune ologies are doing we are enhancing that saying that please identify the triggers then remove the triggers and then give treatment to your page so whether that’s borrelia burgdorferi or yersinia enterocolitica or chlamydia or mycoplasma or toxic chemicals which I’m going to talk about.

Let’s identify the triggers remove the triggers then you enhance the capacity of repairing the patient’s abnormalities so this is another way of looking at the same thing about the role of environmental triggers in this particular case the exposome what we we are exposed on daily basis so the Expos ohms can affect our microbiomes the microbiome can affect our genome the exposome can affect our proteomes the exposome can affect our metabolome and immuno and if we don’t do anything about that the result could be auto immune Oh one of the participants in this international meeting was iron learner and with his colleague professor Mathias who’d had presentation at the meeting but also they published this fascinating article in journal of autoimmune reviews so what they showed us in this fascinating article that glucose salt emulsifier organic solvents gluten microbial transglutaminase nanoparticles by the way lots of medications have nanoparticles on them are extensively and increasingly used by the food industry and these individuals claimed the manufacturers to improve the quality of food however all of the aforementioned additives increase intestinal permeability which is the gateway to autoimmunity so changes in intestinal tight junction permeability associated with industrial food additives explain the rising incidence of autoimmune diseases so it’s not just infection dr. Mahama dr. Monroe the toxic chemicals for many years we are talking about it now we have more evidence in journals such as autoimmune reviews so what he showed actually that first of all rheumatic diseases endocrine endo chronological gastrointestinal neurological the more we use food added additives the more correlation with autoimmune diseases and this is percent increase every year in different countries and it association with prevalence of autoimmune diseases what is fascinating in here that the most common autoimmune disease associated with some of these environmental chemicals in our food is the neurological then gastrointestinal then endocrinology call then dramatic.

So the nervous system it seems to be the most sensitive to environmental toxins and induction of all immunities and we knew that for many many years that I did publish at least seven or eight different articles about levels of antibodies against nervous system antigens in various autoimmune diseases due to exposure to environmental toxins now it’s good to see that there is association between some of these additives in food and induction of some of these autoimmune diseases so yes you were asking me before some of you if we identify a trigger what can we do about it my answer is educate your patients about about their diet to remove some of these chemicals not to have that food each can for example if contains food colorings simple as that so therefore there is a lot that we can do after identifying the triggers we can remove the trigger and we can repair some of the immune abnormalities so what he shows again in this slide this is the last part of his article was that food industry’s bakery meat fish confection oil coffee beverages others contain glucose salt gluten that what is microbial transglutaminase anybody knows microbial transglutaminase in America it’s called me glue it’s an enzyme that you can take lots of leftovers of meat glue them together add some food coloring to it and make a steak that even the butcher’s cannot differentiate between real mistake versus the steak made by mid glue which is called in here called a scientifically they call it microbial transglutaminase that’s why your patients when you do measure antibodies using array 3 of cyrix and your patient is having antibodies against transglutaminase two or three or six ask yourself maybe my patient is exposed some of this meat glue and if I remove that from the diet of the patient I may be able to reverse that type of autoimmunity in my patient so therefore glucose salt meat glue emulsifiers organic acids nanoparticles all of them have the capacity to open the tight junctions and look at this expression they call that auto immunogenic additives auto immunogenic additives they have the capacity to open the tight junctions and then induction of auto immune disease by breaking the tight junctions and activation of the immune system and and autoimmunity. So what you see in this picture if your patient is having autoimmune disease are you going to give them you know some of some of these cakes whatever is in here made in aluminium the answer is no okay so why then or some of you know or this one so we have to be more aware that lots of things we do on daily basis which we do not you know pay attention.

But some of these are really become ultra immunogenetics and I have in my pocket example of that right here right espresso automated spurs the put in the machine and then push it down and then you get your espresso but in the process you are going to get 50 different environmental toxins in that espresso so you have to educate your patients about some of these novel pebbles in the mosaic of autoimmunity and you see the name rider professor Schoenfield who organized that their autoimmune Congress in Leipzig and he talks about some adjuvant such as aluminium are recognized as a causal factors in development of the odm you response and an entirely new syndrome the autoimmune inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants called Asia has been recently described and ladies and gentlemen what do we have here aluminum so therefore please pay attention to some of these environmental triggers which are responsible for induction of all immunities and part of my hobbies working in the laboratory and by the way I’m hands on every day not only I do research and I do clinical testing and also I love to do sometimes these kind of experiments one day I asked what is the ph of some of these drinks so what I found that vinegar is about 2.2 2.3 and guess what Pepsi 2.14 coca-cola 2.21 so my question to your patients will be that how much vinegar can you drink one spoon two spoons so therefore how come you have couple liters of pepsi or coke every day you know what happens if you have so much vinegar in your GI tract.

If the tight junctions are going to be open and therefore in flames the gut and the end result is going to be all immunity after several years so therefore education education education so now let’s take this to the next level in 1922 Landsteiner and jacobs introduced the terminology of hapton being a chemical by itself is not antigenic but when binds to human tissue becomes antigenic and we react against that and we make antibody against that so here example of captain that’s a carrier for example of hemoglobin our albumin so the hapten in this case being Vishwanath a or aluminum can bind to our tissue proteins now our immune system is going to attack aluminum bound to our own tissue and so therefore setting stage for development of autoimmune disease few years later so when you remove this trigger you can prevent immune attack against your own tissue and few years later in 1952 they took some chemicals applied it to the skin and then the chemicals could bind to the skin proteins inducing immune reactivity that’s in 1952 but when it comes to chemicals binding to human tissue somehow we agree with medication as a cause of allergy or sensitivity and hear example from textbook of immunology that penicillin as an antibiotic in certain individuals could get metabolized then bind to our own proteins and form a new antigen and so therefore reacting as penicillin plus the protein which is penicillin is bound to almost ninety percent of clinicians accept that but when you change this to another chemical whether that is formaldehyde or aluminum or bisphenol A some of their reserve some kind of blockage in the understanding they cannot comprehend that but this is the same this is a chemical aluminum is a chemical bisphenol A is a chemical and that’s the mechanism of action so for those who would like to learn a little bit more please ask them to read his article which was published in immunology today 1998 drug trafficking adverse immune response to xenobiotic compounds.

So please ask them to read that in order to learn about this whole process because my presentation is evidence-based presentation like my colleague earlier so we have the evidence out there look at the title of this article by one of another you know colleague of mine from Scripps Clinic in not far from San Diego toxicology of autoimmune disease ladies and gentlemen what is the meaning of toxicology of autoimmune disease meaning toxic chemicals are involved in induction of autoimmune diseases simple as that I’m not going to read any of that anymore so now my own research elevated levels of antibodies against xenobiotics in a subgroup of healthy subjects about two years ago we asked this question yes we know almost all of us exposed to toxic chemicals and particularly i’m using heavy metals and bisphenol A and if will measure level of bisphenol-a in the urine ninety-seven percent of the population have very high level of bisphenol-a in their urine but what is the meaning is clinically what is the value of measuring bisphenol-a in the urine because all of us are exposed I know I am exposed to bisphenol A but to the minimal level and so therefore my concern is about those who cannot secrete or excrete the bisphenol A into their urine if that small amount of that bisphenol A get metabolized and bind to human tissue then that tissue becomes target for autoimmune disease so we should not measure that in the urine because urine is shows excretion so I am interested as an autoimmune ologies I’m interested in how much chemicals by to my tissue so can I take small piece of my brain and measure bisphenol-a in my brain tissue obviously not so what choice we have I explained that in this article the only choice we have is to measure antibodies against chemicals bound to our own tissue and that’s how they accepted this article for publication they said the idea is very novel and is challenging the status quo.

What is status quo measuring chemicals in urine measuring chemicals in blood but I was challenging this whole subject saying that measuring chemicals in the blood and urine is not good enough let’s look how much chemicals manage to bind to our own tissue resulting in antibody production against that chemical as well as our own tissue so therefore the study was conducted for about 400 healthy subjects and we wanted to see what percentage of them make antibodies against these various chemicals which we have tested the answer was about twenty percent and these are healthy subjects today but don’t you think these twenty percent are more prone to autoimmune disease in the future if we can detect today and remove those triggers from their environment we can prevent autoimmune disease in these twenty percent so the chemicals that we tested were aflatoxin which you know it’s almost in every single food many foods including grains formaldehyde glutaraldehyde used as the plasticizers is not just for pathologies isocyanide also used in the paint and as a plasticizer metallic and hydrate and trimellitic anhydride also as a plasticizer than many many many other sources benzene ring bisphenol-a bisphenol-a binding protein there is a protein in the brain that this vanilla covalently can bind to that it’s an enzyme an inducing antibody production against our own brain tissue tetra bromo bisphenol A tetrachloroethylene parabens in cosmetic mercury and other heavy metals and there are some other chemicals that we are looking at as well but in this article was about these 12 different chemicals which is part of array 11 at cyrex laboratories so after a toxin why is so important because why i use aflatoxin because people can connect with aflatoxin like with penicillin aflatoxin actually it is part of the textbook of biochemistry that aflatoxin in some individuals goes to the liver and we detoxify that but in certain individuals can bind to our own protein and our own DNA causing auto immune reactivity we are accustomed to look at anti-dna antibody in patient with lupus.

When we don’t ask why our patient is making antibody against its own DNA this is the answer some chemicals can bind to the DNA and the result is antibody production against our own DNA so we found seventeen percent made antibodies against aflatoxin a to standard deviation above the mean this is the you know the normal ranges right here you see lots of people who made some antibodies but there were not that high but about seventeen percent made significantly high levels of antibodies when in my opinion these are individuals who are more prone to autoimmune disease the same thing with formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde I don’t have time to go through some of you know details in here where you can find all of that but we found 13 person reacted to formaldehyde isocyanide pain we found 14 percent try Malita Malita can hide a fat allegan hydride the same percentage almost now this article was published in I think it’s in the environmental health perspective what is environmental health perspective Journal it’s official journal of National Institute of Environmental Health in North Carolina part of National Institute of Health so it’s the most reliable source what do they tell us in this article that reducing chemical migration in food contact material till now I thought that you have to have like liquid in a plastic bottle in order bees bisphenol A or other chemicals to get into the liquid which we drink it now in this article showing us that it is enough to put for example piece of salmon in a plastic dish just by contact chemicals from that plastic can get it into the salmon then we cook the salmon and we have the salmon plus bisphenol A.

That’s what they are telling us in this article and that’s why they put some of these pictures so some of these pictures that two novels so some of these you know cans even some of these cartons we are using for purchasing milk whatever there’s a lot of contamination a lot of chemicals can get into that milk or other products so therefore education education education and so we found 12% reacted to try Milligan hydroid and then the bisphenol A you know few years ago they told us that let’s change the structure of bisphenol a change a metal to another group and then the same plastic introduced to us with different marketing plans so everybody was saying okay now i’m using bisphenol a free plastic this article is telling us that this is rubbish right in England you are saying that in UK it’s rubbish so it is the same thing it’s like medications companies are changing a little bit structure of certain medication they introduce it for another 20 years but it’s the same medication so in here I’m saying that plastic is plastic no matter how it’s made and and this is from science 2050 so what is wrong with these plasticizers such as bisphenol A okay so we call these endocrine disruptors what are endocrine disruptors they interfere with the endocrine function and here is a cell has a receptor the hormone binds to the receptor when the hormone bind to the receptor activate several cascades of events several cascades of events occur and signals goes through and self function is triggered so hormone binds to its receptor then end with cell functionality so so far you are with me right so now what will happen if they is the hormone and this is Vishwanath a and this is real so bisphenol A now binds to the cell receptor and the hormone cannot buy compete with that and the signal is not the same signal the end result will be abnormal cell function function cell function interference in some cases that the chemical looks like hormone blocker we call that xenobiotics the same thing bind to the receptor and hormone cannot bind and therefore cell function interference simple as that that’s why endocrine disruptors can cause autoimmunity such as thyroid autoimmunity and other other autoimmune diseases that’s the mechanism so we found twenty-six percent the highest twenty-six percent of the population healthy subjects made antibodies against bisphenol A and that’s only igg we measured also IgM we measured also IgA if we add those will get about forty percent of the population reacted to bisphenol A and made antibody against that meaning chemicals are not in and out chemicals and their metabolites can bind to human tissue and causing or setting the stage to development of auto immune disease and then with one of my colleagues.

This is an article just we wrote recently we’re just sent for publication let’s look at the title correlation between antibodies to bisphenol A its target enzyme disulfide isomerase enzyme in the brain and antibodies to neuron specific antigen such as myelin basic protein myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein so what we show that that if a patient is making antibody against bisphenol A the patient also is making antibody against its target enzyme in the brain so there is direct association between antibody against enzyme in our brain versus bisphenol A then the next question was how about antibodies against myelin basic protein which are some kind of biomarkers for detection of new immune disorders and the same thing we found direct correlation and there are many more slide like myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein all of that so it is much more complicated than what we think you get exposed to some of these plasticizer or other chemicals chemicals can change the integrity of the gut chemicals can change the structure of our proteins will react against them we make antibodies against those tissues including various brain tissue antigens and therefore the end result could be all immunity including neuro autoimmunity meaning autoimmunity against our own brain tissue okay now just look at the title of this article bisphenol A exposure in children with autism spectrum disorder they found a correlation between exposure to bisphenol A versus autism and something is very interesting in here that that you see here total bisphenol A this is autism versus control there is a significant difference between these but when you look at the person bound bisphenol A that’s exactly what I was talking about when bisphenol a bomb to our tissue 59 okay 59 in autism control only four units so there is a huge difference statistically extremely extremely huge difference between autism versus healthy subjects therefore chemicals can bind to our tissue and setting the stage for neuro behavioral disorder not just autoimmunity again look at the title of this article lots of colleagues lots lots of doctors are calling saying that dr. how come that 20 years ago people were not reacting to the food that we’re eating how come so many are reacting to the food that they are eating this is one of the answers that the food that we eat is contaminated with many chemicals chemicals bound to the protein of the food and then we consume that our oral tolerance our TRX cell is not working properly and so therefore food intolerance at adulthood after prenatal exposure to endocrine disruptors bisphenol A so here they are telling that if the mother is exposed to bisphenol A and the child within is exposed to bisphenol A that child is going to develop food immune reactivity in the future because his or her tier XL is not going to work thyroid hormonal activity of the flame retardant and one of the items that we tested antibody was Agra was tetra bromo beast in LA and tetrachloride between LA and we are familiar with this for 34 years now the evidence is coming out one after another so some of these chemicals meaning of are associated with thyroid dysfunction that we find in such high percentage of the teenagers these days in particular girls so tetra bromo bisphenol-a this is the structure if output thyroid hormone structure right here almost ninety percent identical that’s the mechanism so it’s not just cross reactivity between infection with human tissue there is antigenic similarity between different chemicals with our thyroid hormones other hormones therefore some of these chemicals are responsible for induction of autoimmunity so we found 15% reacted to total bromo bisphenol A parabens in cosmetics is responsible also for so many problems and therefore we found thirteen percent then heavy metals again look at the title how can a chemical element elicit complex immunopathology lessons from mercury induced autoimmunity this is in journal called trends in immunology 2009 it’s not anymore you know questioning whether heavy metals and mercury can cause out immunity they are explaining what is the mechanism of chemical induction of autoimmunity and so here the picture saying the individual exposed to mercury the mercury can penetrate the cell membrane bind to nuclear proteins cell goes through a pertussis or cell dies now releasing all the contents.

What is that content nuclear protein plus mercury bound to each other so antigen prison and the Excel that will take that up our immune system is going to react to what our nuclear protein plus the toxic chemical and this is the mechanism of mercury or other chemical induction of auto immunities and mercury we found 14 percent and I’m going to present to you guys this case and I will conclude my presentation okay so the case report a case report of 26 year old female working as a in beauty salon get married at age 28 by age 35 three children 156 pounds complaints of severe migraine headaches fatigue and fibromyalgia their yearly checkup cbc chemistry anti-nuclear antibodies urinalysis t3 t4 TSH almost everything normal to find the cause of weight gain and symptoms visits for different doctors and they linked or associated the weight gain and some of these symptoms with probably pregnancies and low thyroid function by age 45 gained additional 23 pounds develop severe allergies with rashes and itching particularly after showering that’s really very important just that’s huge message right there she visits three different allergies this time she goes to the specialist allergist classical skin testing one positive reaction to ragweed but that’s not associated with her symptomatology lab tests this time TSH is low anti-nuclear antibodies remember the issue of mercury why we make antibodies against our own nuclear material that’s the question always we have to ask and none of the doctors associated her symptoms with her occupation so ladies and gentlemen clinicians always should ask the patient what is your profession very important the following summer she went for vacation in hawaii all symptoms improved by eighty percent and even while on vacation she lost ten pounds she finally she the patient connected the dots and decided to make a theory of her daily work activities but one week after returning to work all symptoms are back so she went for vacation symptoms disappeared back to work symptoms are back and also she notes that symptoms lesson if she only cuts hair but she experienced severe symptoms when she does hair dying particularly Brazilians which you know how many chemicals are introduced by doing that after connecting her symptoms to her work environment she consults a doctor specializing in environmental medicine dr. Monroe oops sorry so after connecting her symptoms to her work environment she consults a doctor specializing in environmental medicine at age 49 or 14 years later a doctor finally associate the patient’s occupation and her weight gain allergies anti-nuclear antibodies or OD munities the specialist order array 24 leaky gut orders array 11 for chemical antibody and erase 7 for neurologic antibodies and let me share the results with you so what you see in here that the patient is making very high levels of antibodies against a clue Dean’s annually right 5.1 that’s normal range is 1.4 1.5 and also IGM so there is the issue with leaky gut in this patient number one number two chemical antibodies there are some problem with aflatoxin yes but the main problem are with isocyanide trimellitic and hydra those are plasticizers chemicals also in us you know in beauty salon and other chemicals tetrachloroethylene and parabens so all these chemicals which are found in her environment she made antibody against that if 15 years before that would have done these panels one could find correlation between some of these chemicals she was working with them on daily basis and her symptomatology and then looking at antibodies against Milan basic protein acai aloe gangliosides tubulin cerebellar synapsin tubulin and blood brain barrier protein the blue is the normal ranges and the red is the patient you will see she made antibodies against her own nervous system antigen if this patient would you know if this patient will continue working in the same environment after five or ten years or five to ten years later most probably is going to develop full-blown multiple sclerosis because all these antibodies are early biomarkers of autoimmunity particularly neuro auto immunity so all of those were abnormal so based on the test detection of many abnormalities he sent the patient to two weeks of detoxification program there is an institute not far from San Diego which I have been there son Aviv Institute and then they you know they treat the patient with all kind of you know sauna and colon therapy and all of that.

Of course the patient could not come to the UK to see dr. Monroe but that was the best you could do and then she feels much much better she takes all kind of supplements to detoxify and now she’s back at work doing only haircuts and happy to have finally found the root cause of her problems so therefore once the root cause of trigger was detected she was able to remove the cause and then repair her health by following the some kind of protocol that I don’t have it in here but i’ll give you the summary so number one is really you have to have the capacity to detect you have to have the right biomarkers to detect the problem at the early stage as possible when you detected the problems then remove the triggers the triggers could be infection the triggers could be toxic chemicals the trigger could be certain food gluten is not the only one there are many others could be responsible that’s why our array 10 is so important to be tested for and then finally you can repair the barriers and at the beginning of my talk I showed you the pyramid right the pyramid of autoimmunity now let’s reverse the pyramid which is V watch Danny my last night okay so now what do you see in here this is really the you take the pyramid and this one will be the most important to slide to remember in my talk okay so what we have in here that and this side we have breaching the barriers here we have repairing the barriers why that’s important because this is the root cause of autoimmunity the barriers breach in barrier is the gateway to autoimmunity so what we have in here lost secretory IgA low or high acid in the stomach inactive well thin layer of mucus in the in our mucosal immune system inactive digestive enzymes undigested dietary peptides undigested leg diesel agglutinin so gluten is not the only one high-salt diet high sugar diet artificial food coloring emulsifiers organic solvents nanoparticles meat glue lipopolysaccharides from ecole I and others yeast proteases and medications all of these together can cause breach in the barriers which can result in inflammation and autoimmunity so how can we reverse this and on the other side we have here vitamin A or retinoic acid why vitamin A retinol acid because the same TRX cells in the god has receptors for vitamin A by giving vitamin A to your patient you are going to activate the TRX cells to regulate the immune system next vitamin d3 the same cell is iming receptors for vitamin D see when you understand the mechanism then you can convince your patients why they should take vitamin A and vitamin D eh are ligands in here it’s written in Daltrey carbonyl what is that there are certain foods such as cruciferous vegetables contain a HR ligands TRX cells also is having receptors for age are ligands that’s why is so important in additional vitamin A vitamin D to take cruciferous vegetables and high-potency probiotics fiber complex carbohydrates or complex carbohydrates fibers such as helium hemp flax seed that’s what I’m taking every morning and then activators are toll-like receptors in the gut digestive enzymes we have to take glutamine n-acetylcysteine fish oil EPA DHA saccharomyces boulardii I oil of oregano gelatin or born broth it’s very good for digestive tract vitamin A vitamin c and zinc so ladies and gentlemen this is from A to Z but in between you can add more remove some or add some and so therefore from A to Z is very important for repairing the barrier and prevent many autoimmune diseases which affecting ten percent of the world population thank you so much thank you now it’s question time so anyone’s any questions now’s your opportunity doctors where was the question yeah you mentioned about packaging well liked in for plastic bottles everything so if you’re buying like healthy water quite a supermarket a bottle isn’t still the same thing you can get contagions from the plastic bottle the absolutely yes so if you if well fortunately what I have found in Europe in Germany and the UK that you guys are drinking in glass bottles most of you in America probably ninety percent of people are drinking for plastic bottles that’s a very bad practice in here is much much better practice so I honestly I prefer to drink tap water than to drink from plastic bottle even if they think the water is clean but you know just imagine how long that water was kept in that bottle the one year two years three years that would be worse and so therefore some of those chemicals get into the water and we drink it so we’re by the chemical should have put it in our water like Florence to provision well well at least I’m saying that there are certain things that we cannot prevent but there are certain items we can prevent and one of them is let’s not consume more bisphenol A.

If we can have it if we have a choice of drinking from glass bottles so sir if you get the water in the last part of observe all is better than the plastic yes great and that’s Joe waters true all things at one of course I’m forcing same problem isn’t it more compatible oh okay remember three things that we should never ship we should not do one fat and plastic so milk has fat right and that milk the inside of that box is coated with bisphenol A so bisphenol A can’t dissolve in fact much faster than in water so number one is so for example never buy oil in plastic always all oil should be in a glass bottle why because chemicals dissolve in oil first second one is heat higher temperature chemicals get dissolved much faster number three alcohol and plastic alcohol dissolving the plastic and so therefore please if you enjoy your alcohol at least drink it in a glass container and not plastic those are the three items always we should avoid justice I hear they’ve started selling olive oil in plastic bottles which I was very saddened by this country yeah could I ask how salt affects the lessor a high-salt diet affects the intestinal barrier could just explain how please yes there are type of cells in our gut called T helper 17 t helper 17 act exactly opposite to T right sells high-salt diet activates t helper 17 which are more pathogenic and auto immunogenic if you are interested to read an article in journal called autoimmune disease under vaj Danny the mechanism is under my name I don’t know it wasn’t here so if you go online just watch Danny the role of environmental triggers in autoimmune diseases you will find that article and so I explain the mechanism how high salt diet activates t helper Seventeen’s which are responsible for the induction of autoimmunity that’s why high consumption of salt is associated with higher levels of audrey milites also we need it so to produce hydrochloric acid first in our stomach to digest food especially protein ok some some of us we have low stomach acid we need to take HCL with the enzymes some of us we may have high stomach acid so we have to be careful about that it’s not good for everybody to take HCL with digestive enzyme so we’re a shallow so don’t have had we without taking side between axio how would we micro stomach acid without so uh well minimal amount of salt regardless can get into our body if you remove completely salt not to add salt to your food you are going to get between 8 200 grams a day just by eating normal food so that is enough for our functionality but unfortunately in the US China and other countries they are using between 15 to 20 grams a day of salt which is activating the TRX could could be responsible for some of the autoimmune diseases and could you explain why some people do not produce enough if we if we all get enough salt in our diet can you explain why some people but you don’t produce enough stomach acid that’s because ok we have parietal cell in our GI tract in our stomach are responsible for making acid and if for example I drink Pepsi.

Which is so much acidic and causing destruction of some of those cells or their functionality now my cells are not going to produce hydrochloric acid therefore all end up with low HCL and therefore I need to take supplements with enzymes plus hydrochloric acid which is a temporary effect I’m sorry if you drink lots of coke or pepsi would as a permanent effect or temporary its temporary the good news is that the body is victorious that after one day or two days the body can rebuild itself yes doing anything any other drinks or foods do the same thing well depends on their ph ok yes depends on their ph what i showed in here the ph was highly highly acidic 2.1 2.2 three-point oh thank you thank you you talked about the chemicals binding to the receptors and which prevents then hormones from and to having having the appropriate action on the cell can the can the chemicals also bind to the hormones directly to stop them being able to bind to the receptor that’s a very good question years ago I published an article about hormone antibodies how can we make antibodies against our own hormones so maybe this one of the reasons that chemicals can bind to the hormones and therefore we make antibodies against our own hormones and some people end up with infertility because of that and so it everything is possible yes thank you for asking that thank you could just go back to your side that had the triangle with see there the first one no see I know this third one where I see if we can one which was oh okay okay they’re good that’s the one I think that’s a very very important slide and again he comes back to what I think we’ll try to achieve most of the problems and it’s one of the reasons why we as an organization i’m fairly closely associated with Breakspear because Breakspear do things on this basis that most clinics and most gps don’t even know about let alone attempt to do you’ve got to detect how many GPS could do the solder detects that’s done here you’ve got to remove the triggers well once you detective them you’ve a better chance for a moving moment you not easy but you can certainly hear it isn’t or minimize them you can’t remove them and thirdly repair them and that’s the last good bit of news these things are often repairable some of the people suffer these things don’t have to always suffer from they are repairable this is what we’re trying to the story try to get across to a wider audience so anybody knows anybody about once know about this ask them to come onto our website in a few months time and you can pick all this up so thank you all very much ladies and gentlemen environmental medicine foundation I think at moments probably dot org dot uk’ it will be very soon of it isn’t that now okay well thank you buddy maybe you’ll come again we will advise you of any further and there will be further meetings a bit like this on other topics associated with these sort of adverse situations so watch this place as they say thank you.

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