Hi, this is Dr. Aristo Vojdani. I’m an immunologist technical director of immuno sciences laboratories. I’m going to talk about the importance of measuring IgG and IgM against three different viruses. Epstein-Barr virus, herpes type six and SARS cov two, which are involved in more than 15 different auto immune diseases. Our immune system has two different compartments, the innate and adaptive immunity that collaboration between them results in protection of the body against foreign materials. This collaboration between innate and immune system is highly, highly important in protection of the body against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other environmental factors. Any malfunction in this collaboration between innate and immune system may results first in inflammation auto-immunity and other complex chronic disorders, many environmental factors, such as food, toxic chemicals, and especially pathogens, particularly viruses have, or can have significant effect on this collaboration between him do immune system collaboration between innate and adaptive immune system causing malfunction.

And this malfunction in the immune system results in auto immunity, viruses such as Epstein-Barr herpes type six and cited score of two are very small particles containing RNA and DNA. With the protein coating these small particles, the viruses cannot survive on their own in order to survive, meaning to infect and replicate and spread. They have to grow or infect human tissues or mammalian tissues such as muscle epithelial cells, heart brain, and the others. So these viruses using the resources from the tissue in order to grow and to spread, however, during this process of growth and spread inside the tissue in order to survive the immune attack, meaning the innate and adaptive immune response against the viruses, they acquire new proteins. For example, when Epstein-Barr virus infect epithelial cells that acquire proteins such as nuclear proteins, R O S M, and therefore when the immune system will attack the virus, the virus, the body is going to make antibodies not only against the viral particles, but the new proteins that are acquired from human tissue, which can result in this situation in lupus herpes type six loves to grow our neurons.

And during the process of their growth, they acquire a protein, very similar to myelin basic protein, which is involved in multiple sclerosis. That’s why herpes type six is involved in many neuro auto immune disorders. And finally, SARS cov two loves to grow in variety of cells. And that’s why SARS cov two is involved in more than 12 different auto immune diseases. So these process of acquiring new antigens, the virus acquiring the new antigens or new proteins that are similar to human tissue is called molecular mimicry or cross-reactivity. So when the body reacts to the viruses, making two kinds of antibodies, one against many of the virus in order to bind to the virus and neutralize meaning preventing the growth of the virus, but also due to acquiring new proteins that I explained before the antibody produced against those proteins can cross-react with human tissue resulting in auto immunities.

That’s why it’s crucial and important to measure antibodies against these three different viruses that are involved in auto-immune disease. Epstein-Barr virus HHV six and SARS cov two, if IgG or IgM antibodies are elevated, then your practitioner may consider to order auto-immune panel, which includes anti-nuclear antibody ENS, or extractable nuclear antigen, rheumatoid factor, immune complexes, smooth muscle antibody and Mito chondrial antibodies. So it is very important to measure not only antibodies against these three viruses, but also to consider immuno sciences lab or to immune panel for further information, please consult our website. And also two very recent articles. One of them, which was published in frontiers in immunology, which I have it with me right here about the title is reaction of human monoclonal antibodies to SARS cov two proteins with tissue antigens implications for auto immune disease published on January 19, 2021. I highly recommend to read this article and also another article which was published in auto-immune reviews under the title serological cross-reactivity between viruses and their contribution to auto immunity. Thank you. Seven or eight minutes. I know that they already.